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Prop Forwards Union - Meeting 23rd March 2005
Posted by southstander on March 31 2005 - 08:04:33

Should know better
by John D

The PFU held their annual pre-Easter meeting to clear the desks before the busy schedule around the holiday period.

Due to adverse winds, our carrier pigeon was blown off course and we've only just received the minutes of the meeting from our man in the know.

Here's his report.

Minutes of the Meeting of the PFU, held on March 23rd, 2005

Field Kicking

Our spotter at the recent Rochdale v Oldham game witnessed Mr Bibey of the Oldham chapter attempting a 40-20. This is not to be encouraged, despite him making up for his error by being penalised for a flop as he chased his own kick down. Fined one years subs and suspended for two months.


A particular bugbear of the chairman, it has been noted that various colours of boots are being sported by members, against guidelines. The worst offence so far saw Mr Rauhihi of the Townsville chapter sporting a pair of day-glo yellow jobs. That's not on. Fined one years subs and suspended for one month.

Shop stewards

After the recent suspension of Mr Gannon of the Huddersfield chapter, there was a requirement for them to find a replacement shop steward. Mr Slicker was nominated and appointed. In the interests of the committee, the full list of shop stewards in Super League is now as follows: Mr Fielden (Bradford), Mr Slicker (Huddersfield), Mr King (Hull), Mr McDermott (Leeds), Mr Haggerty (Salford), Mr Fozzard (St Helens), Mr Griffin (Wakefield), Mr Hilton (Warrington), Mr O'Connor (Widnes) and Mr SeuSeu (Wigan). NB - Leigh are still without representation.

The Keighley Two

A heinous offence was witnessed by our spotter at Cougar Park in the Challenge Cup tie between Keighley and Strela Kazan. First, and he ought to know better, Phil Stephenson rumbled over from all of 50 yards. Unnacceptable practice from a veteran member. This obviously influenced his younger colleagues as Lewis Taylor was then observed to have sprinted fully 80 metres to score. Mr Stephenson is fined a years subs and suspended for three months. Mr Taylor fined the same and suspended for two months seeing as it's a first offence.

On-field Clichés

Whilst enjoying a day off and taking in a social game at Shaw Cross between the Heavy Woollen Donkeys and Sheffield, the union vice-chairman spotted one of the Heavy Woollen props cynically take out the Sheffield loose forward with a late challenge. Nothing wrong with that until the balding front rower, who doesn't appear to be registered with the Donkeys, explained his actions to the ref by saying "Well I got there as quick as I could". This joke was declared obsolete over 25 years ago and if the union can trace the perpertrator, he's for the high jump.

No further business was raised, so the room was cleared to make way for the turn.



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