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rhinoms Superleague XVII Previews - Round 2
Posted by southstander on February 09 2012 - 15:55:40

by rhinoms

Last week SouthStander and myself got four correct winners out of seven games played. Between us, our average winning margin of Rhinos by 18, was also spot on. We obviously know our own team better than the other sides in Super League.

How will we do this week as we step back into the breach and try and spot a winner between Wigan and the Rhinos?

Read more here....

This week we enter round 2 and some tough away fixtures stand out in the fixtures.

Here are my thoughts on this weeks match ups..


This week the plastic scousers finally open their new spiritual home in front of the cameras.

After a tough game against the Broncos the hosts have a seemingly easier task against the Reds this week.

The visitors arrive after "fluffing their lines" last time out in what was supposed to be their own new homecoming party.

With both teams missing 1st choice players it could give the Reds a better chance of a close game but can they gel for the full 80 minutes.

I expect the hosts to runaway with this and the superlatives from Clarke and his swing-o-meter will be ringing around Langtree Park.

The visitors just aren't good enough to test the depleted hosts.

ST's by 20.

rhinoms tipsSaints by 20 tipsSaints by 32
AverageSaints by 26


The B+W side of Cods Ville takes on one of the toughest away days in SL this week after scraping a draw from the jaws of victory.

The Dragons will be confident after burning the Odslum pub team last time out and even missing as many as 5 1st choices will expect to win.

It's hard to gauge the visitors thus far because they did ok against Wire last season but still failed to make any kind of impact on the play-offs.

A tough game for the new "Birds eye" and I think the "Gentle touch" will be too weak to douse the hosts fire.

A long trawl home for the B+W's.

Dragons by 14.

rhinoms tipsDragons by 14 tipsDragons by 2
AverageDragons by 8


A tasty away game at the Pie-Dome awaits the Champions this week. The hosts are clearly a weaker squad this time round not least in the coaching role and the departed Hoffman.

Wane seems to talk a good game but a depleted Giants were worthy winners last week and signing puddings like Luaki won't inspire the locals.

The Blue 'n' Amber will need to improve their right edge defensively but with quality ball to Watkins the young gun center can be unstoppable.

The Rat will be tested with bombs (look out Clarke because no FB would get near them) and seeing his efforts when Patrick scored last week expect to JP ,Kylie and co heading his way.

A tough game because it always is away in Crusts-ville but the Rhinos 2012 look tougher and faster.

Rhinos by 8.

rhinoms tipsRhinos by 8 tipsRhinos by 6
AverageRhinos by 7


After winning the "Snowball Shootout" in Salford last week the locals of Rock-Ridge entertain Potters RFL sponsored outside toilet tenants.

Basil will be looking forward to his 1st home game (lock up the tigger cheer leaders) and will have his team fired up for this derby.

For the visitors they were lucky to only concede 34 last week and although they got a couple of decent scores they reverted to their usual chunder ridden effort.

It could get tasty because it's a derby but the RL ability favours the home team no matter how much dross Potter says about the "Quality" the Dulls have signed.

Fire up the Banjoes,Dust off the "Moonshine bottles" get the high 6's practiced and get ready for a hoe down!!

Cas by 10.

rhinoms tipsTigers by 10 tipsTigers by 6
AverageTigers by 8


Despite the debates about the pitch it couldn't disguise the fact Widnes were way off the SL pace last week and this week it gets tougher.

The home team will be flying high after a cracking away win missing half their 1st choice pack and will put the visitors to the sword.

Old gravel voice will have to "man up" and accept his squad of misfits and unwanted are gonna struggle this year.

Expect no mercy from the hosts who will be buoyant after last weeks win and they will take the full advantage of racking up their points difference. A mis-match.

Giants by 26.

rhinoms tipsGiants by 26 tipsGiants by 18
AverageGiants by 22


Two teams who have stacks of positives from week 1 meet this time around. The hosts played the "party pooper" card to perfection last week and the visitors were very strong for an hour against the defending Champs.

Agar will hope the promise his new built team showed can be built upon and that midfield General Smith can take control.

This is a real test for the Red Mullets because it's easy to be fired up to play the best now they have to repeat that enthusiasm and endeavor at a less fancied team.

I think this will be an entertaining clash with both teams having power and threats but I think the opening win will lift the hosts just enough to continue that winning feeling.

Wakey by 8.

rhinoms tipsWildcats by 8 tipsKR by 6
AverageWildcats by 1


After a good old whinge after scraping a draw last week Coach Smith will hope the return of the suspended Briers can get his teams season up and running.

The visitors put a strong effort last week in defeat at home to St's but can they match that and even improve to get the spoils here.

Renowned for the early season positives the Broncos will hope the hosts are still cold and jet lagged enough to cause an upset.

Expect the Broncos to start with a kick but the Wolves will be fired up and show their bite after last weeks disappointment.

Wire by 16.

rhinoms tipsWolves by 16 tipsWolves by 12
AverageWolves by 14

If you are traveling to a game have a safe journey or if tuning into Sky have the mute button ready because the lunatics are running the asylum.

Thanks for reading.



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