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The Damo Bit - 31st January 2012
Posted by southstander on January 31 2012 - 08:22:02


We asked him back, we asked him to be innovative, we asked him to be controverisal, we asked him to think 'outside the box'.

This week he has done us proud with an innovative new idea for our sport.

I'm not sure this will catch on but we give you Damo.

Read more here....

All views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the site.

For me rugby league needs to reach its full potential by introducing horses to the game. Just close your eyes for a second and imagine how amazing this would be. Rugby league on horseback would be like a violent version of polo where absolute war breaks out on the field for a full eighty minutes. The fans might not be able to see the ball a lot of the time but I bet itíll be awesome to play. Itíll also be awesome to watch the collisions horse on horse.

Adding horses to our beautiful game would make the whole world sit up and notice. This is something that is absolutely radical and amazing when you really think about it. All over the world some very wealthy people watch sports with horses involved and thereís no doubt theyíd invest in our game if we went ahead with this. Iíd loved to have seen how Little Polvier would have fared in my reworking of rugby league. Iím sure there are many other race horses down the years which would have suited this brilliantly as well.

However Iím sure that every animal activist would be dead against such a sport. Even bullfighting in Spain is becoming increasingly frowned upon, and rightfully so; and I wouldnít want to see a horse killed in this game or injured. However Iím sure theyíd really enjoy playing too. The human players we currently have in rugby league get injured and they still come back for more. Itís nature that we enjoy things that are a bit dangerous and on the edge. If this proposal goes ahead then we could introduce other animals of an appropriate size as I wouldnít want to see an elephant dominate the whole game. However, if we learn how to ride lions, cheetahs, rhinos, bulls and hippos we should give all these a try.

If the RFL donít take on this idea then they should consider putting the game on ice. Now rugby league on ice would be an amazing thing to watch.


P.S. - The Damo Bit is now on twitter



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