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rhinoms Superleague XVI Previews - Round 11
Posted by southstander on April 20 2011 - 11:00:14

by rhinoms

Two round in five days is what confronts our teams as we enter rounds 11 and 12 and the busy Easter period.

First up the derby games with Leeds/Bradford, Hull/Hull, Castleford/Wakefield and Wigan/Saints.

What will our pundits make of it all?

Read more here....

As we enter the hectic Easter program some teams are more desperate than others to get all four points on offer. What is surprising though is which teams are on that desperate list!

Here are my thoughts on the 1st part of the Easter fixtures.


Not long ago this was THE derby in SL both teams scrapping for honours and local bragging rights now it's just the desperation of two points and the chance to build some much needed confidence.

We travel to the Grattan Pot-Hole on the back of two bad defeats and even worse performances whilst the hosts are just as bad if not worse.

Mick Potter's pub team are sticking to the script for a team put together with has-beens, never-will-bes and the "you are joking right"!

The visitors are doing their best to replicate that sort of effort and form even though the squad list contains much more quality than what is being displayed.

A real desperate encounter our quality should and will prove too much so lets get down there support the lads as the rot stops now.

Rhinos by 14.

rhinoms tipsRhinos by 14 tipsBulls by 8
AverageRhinos by 3


The Banjoes will be set for their local duel as the "Blazing saddles" derby takes place at the "Wheldon Probiz Jungle Colon".

The hosts go from strength to strength at the top of the league whilst JK has finally got his Puddy cats into + points on the board.

This could be the most one-sided Walton war in recent history the Tiggers are showing their claws and bite whilst the Puddy cats are more kitten like than Wild!

A performance full of desire and heart for the visitors but not enough to prevent the "Camptown Races" and the hoe down to continue in Rock Ridge!

Cas by 18.

rhinoms tipsTigers by 18 tipsTigers by 18
AverageTigers by 18


A miss match in store at the home of the plastic Taffs.

The hosts are performing better but results other than a six point win against woeful Salford are still going to script.

This week the Angelic and "Picked on and unprotected" Giants are the visitors.

If Coach Brown has had time to do his job this week rather than bleating like a girl the league leaders will be way too strong for the hosts.

The home team should be better equipped with all their squad finally in the country but up against Astra thief, Mono Brow "Sit down" O'Donnell and their very own Ronaldo Simpson it won't be enough.

Giants by 20.

rhinoms tipsGiants by 20 tipsGiants by 34
AverageGiants by 27


The "expansion" derby takes place down south this week and the game promises to be as good as it has ever been.

The visitors are in fine form now the language barrier with coach Robinson has been kicked down.

The hosts returned to some reasonable form after their draw with table topping hillbillies.

This has potential to be a very god game just a pity it will be played in front of a crowd that turned up on a skate-board!!

Quinns will be confident and tough to beat but the Dragons have found their fire and will burn the hosts.

Dragons by 10.

rhinoms tipsDragons by 10 tipsQuins by 6
AverageDragons by 2

FC v. KR

It's the trawler derby in cods-ville.

Both teams are desperate for the win to regain confidence and start a climb up the table.

For the hosts Sponge-bob still manages to keep his job even though the Reef is poor, Stig still manages to avoid soap and they've gone out and signed "Past it Whelk" Gleeson.

The Red Mullets arrive looking to out Mussle the hosts and could be without their Limp Willie who's had enough of Cods-ville and was never really erect enough to handle the SL.

It will be a case of who will Clam up and who has enough Coral to net the win and that means the Tongan Muppets and co will once again be left sole less at home.

Robins by 8.

rhinoms tipsKR by 8 tipsKR by 12
AverageKR by 10


Another confidence building fixture for TS and his Wolf pack after last weeks destruction of the tin pot Welsh outfit.

The hosts looked like the cream of the crop last week then reality set in and the realization they were only playing the "Dog and Gun" of SL.

Although the Reds will look to build on last week and keep their standards high the task is too big this week.

Morely and co will have too much and no amount of barking at J monaghan will prevent a Wire win.

Wire by 16.

rhinoms tipsWolves by 16 tipsWolves by 8
AverageWolves by 12


Now it's confirmed that their coach is leaving the Pies will be desperate to send him off with a win in his last home derby at the Pie-dome.

The KFC kid and co arrive in good form and although the super-brat saga has clouded their season matters on the pitch have been decent.

There's a belief that the hosts have been "found out" after last seasons GF win and recent performances and results support that argument so they'll be looking to show more crust and prove it's just a blip.

The Brookside cast are looking very strong at the moment and they arrive determined to show they are dogs in this derby and will eave the Pies on Bricks.

St's by 10.

rhinoms tipsSaints by 10 tipsWarriors by 8
AverageSaints by 1

A busy schedule in store and if you traveling to a game have a safe journey and if you are attending the pot-hole get behind the lads we are stronger united than divided.

Thanks for reading.



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