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rhinoms Superleague XVI Previews - Round 7
Posted by southstander on March 24 2011 - 08:11:32

by rhinoms

Who would have called wins for the Reds or Wildcats last weekend, or predicted the mullering that Warrington Wolves would dish out to the Harlequins?

This predictions malarkey is turning out to be a real trial in Superleague XVI. How will we do this week?

Read more here....

This week we enter round 7 and there are one or two interesting fixtures.


This week the scousers return to their Squat in Widnes hoping to steal their first home win of the year.

The pot hole dwellers arrive on the back of a surprise win against the previously unbeaten "Waltons" of SL.

The home team will have boosted their confidence after picking the Rhinos pockets last time out and proving that the over-rated super-brat need not be missed.

For coach Potter he returns to club where is GF defeats left a bitter taste in the locals mouths so he won't be expecting a warm welcome.

Whilst the visitors over-achieved last week this time they'll fall short and be out-fought by the hosts and be left "on bricks" with no points for their efforts.

St's by 14.

rhinoms tipsSaints by 14 tipsSaints by 8
AverageSaints by 11


The game of the round and potentially the game of the season thus far in prospect at the Pie-Dome.

Both teams enter this week after encouraging wins for the hosts their depleted team took the spoils away from the Galpharm and left the locals asking if the Giants are the real deal.

For the visiting K9 lovers they laid their collar down by showing their bite in destroying the flying Quins at home.

A huge clash in prospect and a real test for the Pie munchers with a few players out although the rugby gods have smiled this week and they will be reinforced by Finch and Ratboy S.Tompkins.

This could go either way but I think the visitors will have too much bite for the Crusty hosts.

Wire by 8.

rhinoms tipsWolves by 8 tipsWolves by 7
AverageWolves by 8


Two of the up and down teams meet in France this week where the coach-less Reds are the visitors.

Both teams will be full of confidence after much needed and surprising wins last time out.

The hosts will hope there early season "attitude" is now behind them and the Reds will be hoping their new look team will continue to gel and improve.

This could be a decent game with both teams capable of the good the bad and down right ridiculous but I think home advantage should see the Dragons breathe their fire.

Dragons by 12.

rhinoms tipsDragons by 12 tipsReds by 4
AverageDragons by 8


Both teams will be looking to show they are the real deal this season after poor efforts last time out left many questions unanswered.

For the Red Mullets they'll be hoping their Willie is left limp like last week whilst the Giants will hope to cut out the daft unforced errors and take more of their chances.

The hosts really miss their Limpit and general Dobson and Green isn't the man to take that mantle yet as he looks to settle into the Reef.

The visitors will be more determined and "fat Robbie savage" and co handling Willie they will be too big for the Robins.

Giants by 10.

rhinoms tipsGiants by 10 tipsGiants by 8
AverageGiants by 9


Another game that involves two teams hoping to make a point and show last week was just a blip.

For the hosts all their early season work blew up in their multi coloured shirts when they were ravaged by the hungry Wolves whilst the loudest chant of the night in Cods-ville was the booing for Sponge-bob.

It's last chance Reef time for Birds eye Agar and his shell shocked, clammed up salt-water dwellers.

Whilst all their hopes rest on a soap dodging 'past it' Stig a 95 yr old back rower, the Tongan Muppets and "Radders" expect another loss and Agar to be trawled off to the job center.

Quins by 8.

rhinoms tipsQuins by 8 tipsQuins by 12
AverageQuins by 10


After a surprise loss at the Grattan landfill last time out the wagon train stays home to entertain the plastic Welsh outfit.

The banjoing flames finally died out last week the high 6's were replaced by the harmonica led blues.

For the visitors they lost again and there must be some concern because they've finally hit desperation in going out and signing "I'll behave honest" Tansey and the very ordinary Bracek.

A season that started so well for rookie coach Harris is gonna get harder as the Hoe down returns and cotton eye joe is in full swing down Cas Vegas way.

Cas by 16.

rhinoms tipsTigers by 16 tipsTigers by 4
AverageTigers by 10


Whilst there were a few surprise results last week the performance of the week has to go to JK's unloved Puddy cats.

They Strayed into Cods-Vile and took the spoils with a gritty and Clawed performance no-one expected but lets not forget the Cat always gets the Fish.

This week the Big City rivals are the visitors and the Blue 'n' Amber faithful will travel hoping that their team will cut out the daft errors and strengthen their defensive effort after losing a game they could of won against the scousers.

This is an interesting game in that no one will give the hosts a chance (me included) but they thrive on it.

However we saw what the Blue 'n' Amber can do against the Reds when the passes stick and I think the hosts will get the brunt of the Rhinos stampede back towards some sort of form.

Rhinos by 26.

rhinoms tipsRhinos by 26 tipsRhinos by 34
AverageRhinos by 30

For those traveling to the games have a safe journey and check your route to Wakey due to serious road-works.

Thanks for reading.



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