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The Damo Bit - 15th July 2010
Posted by southstander on July 15 2010 - 08:51:09


In times of financial meltdown it is difficult to decide on priorities.

With the government putting their support behind the 2013 rugby league World Cup, Damo is wondering what will have to be cut.

Read more here....

The 40th President of America once said "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'" So you can imagine how mortified I was when our current Prime Minister offered to help the 2013 rugby league world cup to be successful. Especially in a time when he’s planning cuts left, right and centre.

Whilst schools will be falling down on our kids due to lack or repair or replacement the compensation given out for injury will probably be tickets and all expenses paid to see England take on Australia in 2013 for the victim along with an accompanying adult. If halting the school building programme means we can have more people in stadiums at the 2013 world then so be it.

We’ll have record attendances anyways thanks to spending cuts proposed on the police force in this country. You’ll just able to walk into the stadium because there’ll be no police they to stop you. In fact the only time you’ll see a massive police presence in the future of this country is at the G20 and G8 summits. Isn’t it wonderful when the political leaders of this country get higher priority when it comes to public security than, lets say, the normal public.

Today I want to plea for the government to leave rugby league alone as they is much bigger problems in this country than making the 2013 rugby league world cup a success. Make the children of the future a success rather than a burden on the system because you couldn’t afford to repair or replace an old building.




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