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The Damo Bit - 27th May 2010
Posted by southstander on May 27 2010 - 08:19:52


How does Superleague get itself to a level where it can compete with the Australian game.

This week Damo suggests a solution which is certain to spark debate.

Read more here....

A lot of ideas have been put forward on how to improve the International game over here. Today I want to offer my fresh take on an idea that has been lingering around since the last mid-season international against France, who are clearly not up to playing against England.

Whilst I personally don’t want to see this fixture terminated because of how one sided it is, I do want to see it aided by a three match State Of Origin like Northern Hemisphere v Southern Hemisphere.

The Northern Hemisphere team will feature English and French Players based in the leagues over here in Europe. Team Southern Hemisphere on the other hand will feature the best overseas (From Australia, New Zealand etc) players we have playing in Super league.

However, having said that I think it would be un-wise to leave players out who are playing in leagues at the other side of the world. After all if Greg Inglis want’s to play for the Southern Hemisphere team you wouldn’t turn him down just because he’s not playing in Europe. But we must put a cap on how many choose to come over here and play for these games otherwise it wouldn’t be fair on those who play over here week in, week out. Similar to our own Salary Cap.

Three Games spread over three months wouldn’t work over here like it does in Australia as we already have a fixture overload. Historically there hasn’t been enough interest over here for a state of origin series as proven with the little attended Yorkshire v Lancashire games.

The way I’d go about these fixtures is base them all on one day. Now you're probably thinking that I’d like to see the same players play three matches in one day.? But I’m not as silly as I look!

Basically I’d have three different teams for each Hemisphere. The first teams would have the best players with the second team having the second best players etc. The third picked teams would start the day off.

Put this fixture just before the super league season starts. Have it in a stadium that is popular with the fans and were booming. This way The best English and French players get to pit themselves against the best Australian based players here year after year.

It could just work.




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