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The Damo Bit - 12th May
Posted by Number 2 on May 12 2010 - 19:01:43


After an election week, our intrepid columnist takes a look back and his outlook on how things are going to look now.

Damo reflects here....

Politics and all that

Whilst Rugby Union has gradually moved with the times the Tories haven’t. In fact David Cameron and his mates want to stop payment to anyone who refuses to work. Looking back at history (late 1800s/early 1900s) the RFU had a similar attitude towards people who choose to sacrifice a few shillings in order to play the game.

After all taking part in sport is much more emotionally rewarding than a job. However the financial sacrifice of choosing sport over job led to a few problems back in the day for poorer northern players participating in a game. So a solution was bough in the shape of broken time payment that compensated for the loss of income. This idea was proposed to the mainly rich southern influenced RFU based in London and it was objected.

After the objection widespread suspensions of northern clubs and players began. I hope now your starting to see the bigger picture of the similarities between old RFU and David Cameron’s Conservatives. The old RFU looked after number one and so do the Conservatives of today. If you think the Conservatives want to make the 2013 world cup a success then think again. Their only saying such things to get your vote because the Tories would soon rather attend a match of Polo.

Thankfully in 1888 the North broke away from the south when it came to the rugby code of football. We eventually renamed Northern Rugby Football Union to Rugby league and improved the code drastically over the years making our code of the game much better to watch.

If only the north could break away from Westminster politically we’d see vast improvement up North. Lets be honest Cameron and company only want to bail out themselves from any financial crises that pops up in the future. They’ll do this by penalising the poor. Just like the RFU penalised the poor back in the day for choosing recreation over back breaking work that with choice you probably wouldn’t do.

The rich thanks to having more money, a better education, better upbringing and better connections have much more choice than those who are born on a council estate. I’m talking about the real rich now who’ve held a majority of the wealth in this country for generations. Some of them just simply don’t want to share the privileged lifestyle that their was born into. They would rather the poor die than been forced into sell off their prized ornaments at Sotheby’s to feed the poor.

This privileged lifestyle included playing sports instead of doing a ‘peasants’ job. After all why work when you have all the wealth that you’ll ever need?

David Cameron wants to cut benefits for those who refuse to work. Do you think he’d ever cut the benefits of the Queen if she decided one day to put her feet up?

Labour aren’t perfect but their fair and fight for everyone. Just like rugby league did when we broke away from the RFU in 1888. The Tories plan is to bring in is thinly disguised veils for slavery in the shape of ‘training and apprenticeships’ which means you either do the same job as everyone else for less money or you get left on the street to starve to death.

They’ll be no more live rugby league for the likes of myself on job seekers allowance if the Tories get in because they want to squeeze any last enjoyment anyone whose unemployed has left in their lives. Its not a case that a majority of the terminally unemployed refuse to work. We just refuse to be slaves like the rich always wanted us to be aka the Conservatives.

Welcome to 21st century Conservative policies everyone!




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