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Tad Rhinos Superleague XIV Preview - Round 26
Posted by southstander on September 02 2009 - 15:37:16

Not Tads Avatar
by TadRhino

Friday night sees the 'hubcap' decider as the Rhinos and Saints, locked together on points, clash at Headingley in what should be the biggest spectacle of the season so far.

With Leeds away to the lowly Reds and the Dragons at Knowsley Road against the Dragons, both sides will expect maximum points in their final game so whoever wins on friday is nailed on to lift the minor premiership.

Oh....and there are a few other games too.

Read more here....

Here are my thoughts on this weekend's action in Super League XIV, Round 26;


The game that will decide top spot takes place and friday and the teams go into this game in contrasting form. Leeds are like a well oiled machine and will be raring to go while Saints are mis firing and spluttering like an old banger (or like McLaren_Field). Will it matter on friday? Not one bit!

Saints will be better for the week off as they were starting to look very tired. They are desperate for Fasalavu and Cayless to return as the forwards especially are looking very jaded indeed. Leeds have ambled along all year and have now slowly moved up to top gear. Aggressive, disciplined and full of confidence Leeds will be chomping at the bit. Jon Wilkin apart, people realise this is only two points and the real battles are still to be fought.

Leeds by 10.

Tad tipsRhinos by 10
Oldham Rhino tipsRhinos by 10 tipsRhinos by 14

SportingOdds Handicap: Not Available


This game is like the policeman near an incident. "Move along, nothing to see here". Hull are shot. Rubbish. No spirit, no guts. Wigan I'm still not sure about, I think they are still a couple of seasons away from really being challengers, however, they will win this one. As predictable a home win as one of Dannys trolling attempts.

Wigan by 24.

Tad tipsWarriors by 24
Oldham Rhino tipsWarriors by 24 tipsWarriors by 12

SportingOdds Handicap: Not Available


This is the 'Richie Ramrod' game. It's there but insignificant and your not really interested. Catalans great at home, rubbish away. Wakey, up and down but safely in the play offs. Got to be a home win.

Dragons by 16.

TadDragons by 16
Oldham Rhino tipsWildcats by 8 tipsWildcats by 4

SportingOdds Handicap: Not Available


Celtic are the Lawrie of SL, small with the odd nasty bite whereas the Giants are like rhinoms. Nice and likeable but itching to get into the clique at the top. This is a perfect game for the Giants after Wembley, a nice easy game to get some momentum going up. Celtic are just desperate to end the season.

Giants by 26.

TadGiants by 26
Oldham Rhino tipsGiants by 12 tipsGiants by 42

SportingOdds Handicap: Not Available


This is Wolves nightmare scenario. One cup in the bank but a loss here and there season is over. Can TS get them up for the game? Can the team recover from the celebrations? Will 'cala millor rhino' ever see a salad? Rovers are desperate to finish third and I think they will be far to strong for Smithys boys who will have to be content with the cup this season.

Rovers by 26.

TadKR by 26
Oldham Rhino tipsKR by 20 tipsKR by 32

SportingOdds Handicap: Not Available


The team who were famous recently take on the team who were famous a long time ago. This is a typical end of season, mean nothing game. like seeing Emma first thing in the morning, you know you shouldn't look but you do!

Pity the mugs who turn up to this one.

Bulls by 22.

TadBulls by 22
Oldham Rhino tipsBulls by 20 tipsBulls by 14

SportingOdds Handicap: Not Available


Both teams are struggling for form and this could be anything. A cracker, a decent game or absolutely rubbish. Like 'loiner4life', this game will probably drain the life out of you.

Quins by 6.

TadQuins by 6
Oldham Rhino tipsQuins by 6 tipsTigers by 6

SportingOdds Handicap: Not Available



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